New to Pilates? What is the reformer? The reformer uses springs, pulleys and your own body weight to create a versatile workout. Exercises are done lying down, standing, sitting, pulling the straps and pushing off of the foot bar. The exercises promote length, strength, flexibility and balance. You will learn to engage your core during every exercise on the reformer. A strong core will help to alleviate back pain and keep you standing tall. Pilates will create long, lean muscles, flat abs and great posture.

How do you get started? If you are ready to explore the many amazing benefits of Pilates, we suggest you purchase a 10 pack of private sessions or a 10 pack of group classes. 

Not sure yet? Purchase one of our Intro Offers! 

Introductory Offer- 2 Privates for $99 (new clients only)

Private Pilates Sessions 

One on one instruction. We will cater your session to meet your specific needs. Flexibility, long, lean muscles, balance, tight back, injury recovery, core, core, core, we’ve got you covered!

10 sessions for $700 

20 sessions for $1300

Group Classes- Reformer, Jumpboard, Chair and Mixed Equipment

Reach Pilates Studio has 6 reformers, wunda chairs, orbits, jumpboards, ballet barres, and activmotion bars. We use a variety of equipment in our group classes to make sure you feel the “burn” as well as the benefit of classic Pilates.

Group Intro Class- $25 

5 Group Classes

10 Group Classes for $300

20 Group Classes $560

Reach Pilates has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will result in a charge to the client for the full cost of the session.

Our packages have 4 month expiration dates. The more you come to class the more you save. For example: If you commit to once a week, you have 16 weeks to attend 10 sessions.
To achieve results and maximize the many benefits of practicing Pilates, we suggest attending 2-3 sessions per week.