Reach Pilates is celebrating over 10 years in Roscoe Village! We thought the best way for you to get to know us is through the words of our clients!


“Reach Pilates is a fantastic studio with dedicated and skilled teachers who really care about their clients. The atmosphere is energetic, friendly, and very positive, nourishing both body, mind, and spirit. This has kept me coming back for many years now for both individual and group reformer classes. I highly recommend this studio!”- Sarah

“Reach Pilates is as good for my body as it is for me personally. It’s a neighborhood spot in the middle of the city where you feel welcome always.”-Sydney

“I’ve taken small classes at Reach for two years and it’s been a really positive experience. The instructors are great and offer the most current Pilates instruction available. I look forward to this time each week for stretching, strengthening and self care.”- Robin

“I have been working with my Reach Pilates instructor Lynn for about 5 years…she has helped keep my 62 year old body in great shape for both competitive golf and long distance running…my main passions.”- Pam

“When I was pregnant, Lynn really catered the workout to my specific needs from day to day, helping me to feel strong and confident in my changing body.”- Berkley

 “After my last back episode and five months of physical therapy, I decided to commit to weekly Pilates at Reach with Kim Mazzella. Seven years later – and all is well, no more back episodes!  Reach gives me the routine I need to keep my back healthy.”- Colleen

 “After Pilates, I feel taller and leaner! I love my semi-private classes with Margaret.” -Anna

 “I’ve taken classes for years at Reach and cannot say enough good things about my experience!  Molly is an exceptional instructor- she not only makes sure her students get a solid workout, but she keeps class entertaining.  I look forward to classes twice a week and only wish I could get to class even more often.  It truly is a great workout and has definitely helped me build my core strength.  I would highly recommend!!!!”- Amanda

 “Reach Pilates Studio is a great place to build core strength, and it has a wonderful sense of community as well.” – Heather

 “Kim and Margaret were instrumental in making my pre-natal body the best that it could be. I had some solid sessions at another local studio, but Reach was the only studio that could accommodate my need for private 6AM sessions with seasoned instructions who could kick my butt while still making me smile (hello, side leg series, my nemesis). Despite the woes of being pregnant, I felt really strong and confident going into labor, and I do believe the sessions we had contributed to my recovery.”- Ktimene G.